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Where to stay

We will be in Amsterdam towards end of June. Rick’s B and B suggested has no availability. We prefer B and B to stay in. We like family run places. Any suggestions for where to stay. We have friends staying in central Amsterdam, so don’t want to be to far away. We don’t mind walking. Travelynn

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End of June prime time. You may have to ditch your B&B preference and take what you can get.

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Check B&Bs near Amsterdam Metro Stations on the Rapid Transit lines. You might seem to be far away from downtown, but can get there quickly. Long ago I stayed in Student Housing that was just out of town in the countryside on the Rapid transit ; perhaps there is still something similar. Look at floating homes on the canals.

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hey hey llarsonp
look at, put in your filters to see what's available for your dates. also look at under houseboats, or jordaan.
at top of page click stays, jordaan, dates, how many people then search.
june is a busy month, expensive city, see something you like and book it. on see a place you like you can email them directly, you may get a cheaper rate.
first time we went, we used a website no longer available and stayed in an apartment on prinsengracht
second time we rented a houseboat down in the jordaan area.
both areas were great and different. i know airbnb's are not liked that much, wear comfy shoes for lots of walking, read fine print: many places have narrow & steep stairways to walk up with luggage. some houseboats have few to more steps/ladders down into place. be very careful of all the bikes bikes bikes everywhere, crossing streets they are right upon you.
we took the tram a lot, buy ticket on board if i remember, take a canal cruise afternoon and evening light ride.
a couple that does a dinner (bistro or traditional dutch) in their home. husband also does a tour of his city.
a 3D flight experience "flying" over the country. fabulous, i also did this in vancouver canada
pedestrian market down blocks of goods, souvenirs, shops, restauants, "food trucks" with local delicacies rijsttafel
scroll down to "best indonesian restaurants" in blue (rice table) roundup: 10 indonesian restaurants
well known restaurants in amsterdam to sit at a table with many small dishes to taste from mild to spicy. customer i had here is the states is from netherlands and recommended this with other things.
has a free tour about history, culture and modern life. don't forget to tip your guide dishes in amsterdam
make sure to try the pofferjes, yummy pastry
look at what there is if you see something. we have used them in other cities with no problem
one day we found a empty pedi-cab with driver near rembrandt square (love this place), asked for a tour and how much, think he said about 40-50E. it was fun. ended up at the red light district. know many people scringe with name, but not looking down alleyways at windows, it's a gorgeous canal with colorful flower beds, shops, restaurants, bars/pubs (ended up at a lively one with everyone singing "sweet caroline" ! LOL went further back thru chinatown.
sat at a few outdoor cafes with cocktails and just people watched with lots of laughs, one extreme to another "crazy and sane"
just have a great time, fun city and go with the flow.
gobble gobble aloha