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Where to Buy an Ibrik or Cezve in Amsterdam

We have become addicted to Turkish coffee. And we will have at a minimum, a hot plate, and usually a gas stove during our June and July trip. So given a pot, I could make us Turkish coffee in the mornings. But I don't want to spare the luggage space for a coffee pot on the flight out. On the flight back, we always over-stuff one bag of souvenirs and check it.

So the obvious thing to do, seems to be to buy an ibrek in Europe and take it home as a useful but odd souvenir.
Does anyone have any suggestions where in Amsterdam I might find one without wasting a lot of time looking. Or where I might find coffee ground that fine for that matter? Also what do you call an ibrek/cezve in Dutch?

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If your hot plate and gas stove are being furnished in an apartment or camper, you might find a nice surprise among the provided pots and pans. looks like a kitchen store with everything, but I also suspect you could find them at a large supermarket or a department store like Hema. People in Amsterdam tend to speak English.

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Thank you, I'll look in Hema. I haven't been to Amsterdam, but I know central and especially eastern Europeans are more likely to make Greek/Turkish coffee then Americans. I just haven't had that kind of luck with rental kitchens before. Often they're pretty bare bones, and the kitchen surprises come in the form of spices and oil left by previous visitors.