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Where to after Amsterdam...

I feel like I asked this before, but can't find it in my topics sections, so...

I'm finalizing dates for next April. We will be arriving in AMS on Apr 14, staying for 5 nights, then onto somewhere else in the Netherlands (NL) for 3 nights before going to Belgium (most likely Ghent). This will be our first time in NL.

So trying to figure what would be a good place for 3 nights - don't really want to move around, but we could perhaps do two nights in one spot and 1 night closer to Belgium. Not sure about renting a car (haven't had that discussion yet with hubby) so good links to public transportation - preferably trains - is important. Somewhere not really far away from getting to Belgium/Ghent.

What would I like? Windmills. Tulips. Scenery. Gouda cheese (maybe Gouda, South Holland?! lol). Beautiful photo ops. Keeping in mind April weather.

Ideally, I'd love for us to have a car for a few days to travel out into the countryside, but not sure if hubby will go for that. I am planning to pick up Rick's book (well, I'm hoping Santa will give me one for Xmas). EDIT - hubby is open to renting a car for our few days outside AMS.

So just hoping for a few places for me to research.

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Why not stay a few nights in undervisited Dordrecht, halfway between Amsterdam and Belgium? Very historical and a good base for exploring the area around, such as famous Kinderdijk. (There is a ferry service - the Waterbus - from Dordrecht, which continues to Rotterdam.)
Rent a car to get from Amsterdam to Dordrecht for exploring the so-called Green Heart of Holland ("Holland" as the western part of the country), roughly the triangle Amsterdam-Utrecht-Gouda.
I'm also a great fan of the area north of Amsterdam, especially the area Alkmaar-Hoorn-Purmerend. Essentially Dutch with the 17th-century reclamations. That of the Schermer still has a rich collection of windmills. And Hoorn is a beauty.
The classic tulip area is between Haarlem and Leiden. Have a day out to both cities, and chances are that you'll see them in full colour from the train.