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Wheelchair assistance in Schipol

My friend, in her late 70s, is arriving solo from the US. She has back issues. She has can walk, but not long distances, so she has scheduled wheelchair assistance in the US to get her from one terminal to the next.
I am concerned as to what will happen when she arrives at Schipol. Will they take her as far as Passport Control, and then leave her? Will they escort her all the way through to baggage?
We will be waiting on the other side of the secure area and we can take it from there.
Does anyone know the drill?
The Schipol website did not offer any details once the passenger deplanes.

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I used this service in 2017. I was not in a wheelchair, but was having oxygen issues with exercise. I arrived on a flight from Copenhagen and left on a flight to the US. There was a charming woman waiting to pickup all the physically challenged folks. She loaded us in a cart and drove us to our connections. Note that there was not room for traveling companions on the cart and she drove quite fast. My husband and the very elderly husband of another passenger had difficulty keeping up. She did pause at tricky places to be sure the spouses were with us.
I was not needing baggage claim on that particular leg of the journey, but I have always found that the wheelchair assistance is very good about getting their passengers all the way through the airport.