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What happens if you test positive for COVID in Amsterdam?

I am from U.S. and vaccinated. I am traveling to Amsterdam in September. I know I need to take a Covid test before coming back to the U.S. My question is what happens if I were to test positive. I am aware I would need to reschedule my flight, and I would get a second test just to confirm I did not have a false positive, but I am curious where a traveler can self quarantine. Could I simply book a room at a hotel, or what does one do if they test positive?

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You call your travel insurance company and ask them what they recommend you do because they’re going to have to pay the bills. And if you’re traveling without insurance in the stage I hope you have a lot of cash because you’re going to be paying the bill for quarantining in a hotel. Be sure to pick one with room service because quarantining doesn’t mean you get to go to the grocery store to buy groceries

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I can’t speak specifically to the Netherlands, but I’m traveling to Switzerland in Sept. and this is what I plan to do.

Wait until about mid-Aug. to see if the return testing policy changes. If it does not, I’ll contact the Swiss gov. to see if the isolation requirements are the same for US tourists as they are for Swiss residents. Swiss residents have to isolate and can re-test on day 7. Not sure if I could test sooner. I’ll also email my last hotel to see if I would be able to extend my stay if I test positive. I’ll also email my boss and HR department to see if I would need to use my PTO days for the extra vacation time or if I could take unpaid time off. I have some travel insurance with my credit card, so I’ll call them to see if I have any coverage in the event of a positive test. If not, I might just self-insure for the extra days. I have yet to find a covid-only policy that would cover the cost of quarantine without a lot of extra coverage that I do not need. Finally, I know my airline’s policy on changing my flight, so I wouldn’t have to contact them until after a positive test.

Not sure if that helps, but it gives you some things to think about.

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Something to worry about for sure. Our insurance covers treatment for Covid but nothing for quarantine or flight fees.