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Wetlands Safari near Amsterdam

If you have been to Wetlands Safari, what is your general impression of the minimum required paddling ability and stamina based on your experience and your observation of your fellow paddlers? Did you observe anyone struggling with the paddling? I realize many factors could cause difficulties (wind, age, physical condition, etc.). My husband and I are senior citizens. He is confident of his ability to paddle for the two 1.5 hrs stretches but wants to make sure I can do the same; he doesn't want us to hold up the group. I feel I have at least average upper body strength and stamina for someone my age and am somewhat familiar with paddling but never have done it on a regular basis. I've read the website reviews as well as the Trip Advisor reviews and paddling ability and stamina don't seem to be a primary issue, but I would welcome more information. Thanks!

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Rick does make a mention of this safari tour in his Amsterdam guidebook. There are no rapids and the setting is pretty calm. Kids are also encouraged to go. I don't think the skill level will be very high, so it looks like anyway can go. You might also email them directly to see what they say too.

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I did write directly to Wetlands Safari but perhaps did not clearly explain my concerns. I was told that wind could be a factor influencing difficulty and that being a senior doesn't mean the trip is not manageable. Anyway, I really like what I've seen and read of the trip and may just go ahead and do it. Should I survive, I might even write a review. Thank you for taking the time to respond.