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Water drinkable?

Should I buy bottled water or is the water drinkable from the tap (faucet)

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I have been there many times since 2002 and the water out of the faucet in the hotels is drinkable.

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This is the Netherlands not Sudan, Pakistan or the Democratic Republic of Congo, of course tap water is drinkable.

I never travel to a westernised nation and consider whether the tap water is drinkable although having tasted the foul stuff that comes from Orlando taps perhaps I should.

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This is a serious post and not a troll.

I went to Rome in 1995 and drank tap water. I got very, very sick and this ruined my vacation. 24 years have elapsed and sanitation must have improved tremendously. I do NOT want to get sick again and so asked.

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Yes, the water anywhere in Europe is drinkable. I have had tap water in the Netherlands and found it to be clean and tasty.

This does not mean that if you have a sensitive stomach you shouldn't drink bottled water. I have, on occasion, had isolated stomach issues in Europe (just as I have on occasion at home). However, it was more likely due to the food I ate being something I was not used to, not the water being bad.

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I doubt the sanitation has improved since 1995 - it was good then and is good now.

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Just like in the US, you are many, many more times likely to get sick from contaminated food than tap water.

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I once had a bad reaction to the water in ... Toronto! Not that the water was bad, just that my body recognized it as "different"
Netherlands water should be fine. Now if you were going to Flint MI...

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I went to Rome in 1995 and drank tap water. I got very, very sick and this ruined my vacation.

Are you sure it was the water? The water in Rome has been safe to drink for many years, even the water from the nasoni (public water fountains) that were built in the 19th century provide clean, safe water. I've drunk from them many times and never experienced any problems.

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Tap water in the Netherlands and pretty much throughout Europe is as safe to drink as in the US and Canada. Like tap water anywhere you're not used to, it might have a slightly different taste. If your stomach is unusually sensitive you could always order bottled water in restaurants and/or carry a bottle with you as you move around. Don't worry at all about showering and toothbrushing with tap water -- that's a problem in many parts of the world but not where you're going.

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A popular Dutch brand of bottled water has its source a few hundred metres from that of the local municipal water company. Same water.

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Tap water in Holland is definitely safe to drink (it is revered by some as the cleanest tap water in Europe), as others have stated though, those with a sensitive stomach can be affected simply because it's not what they're used to. I lived in Amsterdam for over a year and drank tap water with no problems - currently live in southern Spain, but don't drink tap water here as it can be of varied quality (is fine for coffee/tea if boiled).

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I do see that this is canetr5's first posting topic ever.

I went to Rome in 1988 and drank the water. I didn't get sick. I will say that I don't use open faucets on the street, drinking from my filthy unwashed hand. I'm talking about drinking tap water in our hotel room and in restaurants (when they can be persuaded to serve water that doesn't make them money, as well as local preference for bottled waters ... )

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Many European countries find bottled water repugnant because it's just bottled tap water.

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Whenever I'm in the Netherlands ( or any western area ) in a restaurant I do not order bottled water ever . They charge too much for it . I tell them that I'd like a glass of water from the faucet . The water in NL is piped in from the coastal dune areas where it was already filtered by sand dunes and also sterilized afterwards . I've been in Rome many times and leaving for Rome next month again and will drink the tap water without worry . If they don't understand that you wish to drink the tap water , make a gesture as if you where turning open a faucet.
You can't know for sure if you got sick from the water in Rome . Could have been anything .

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went to Rome in 1995 and drank tap water. I got very, very sick and
this ruined my vacation. 24 years have elapsed and sanitation must
have improved tremendously.

You did not get sick from the water. More likely, you ate something that gave you food poisoning or had a stomach bug.

Many Europeans drink bottled water, but more for the taste, or to get it carbonated, than for health concerns.