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Visiting Museums & Anne Frank House?

Me again. I will be in Amsterdam for 2 days. What's the consensus on the most economical way to visit a few major museums along w/Anne Frank House? Should I buy "Combination Deal" or SKIP THE LINE: Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum & Canal Tour? Sure would appreciate your thoughts as to what I should buy so I can see major attractions during my two day visit. Thank you! BP

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Consider skipping the Anne Frank huis altogether. I was in Amsterdam last summer and decided I would try to go in the evening/nighttime when you don't need reservations and when the line is supposedly shorter. It never got shorter. It goes down a street, around a corner, and then bends around another corner after that. I would say you'll be waiting for 90 minutes at least. Instead, you could go to the Holocaust museum. I did neither, but instead used the time to go to the old church in the attic (a must, not Jewish-history related), The Rijks, the Van Gogh, among others. I did get a museum pass and used it for these as well as the Oude Kirch and FOAM photography museum and NEMO science museum. Calculate the sites you plan to go to and add up the difference. Fewer sites would be cheaper paying per site. I am going again this summer and again will not try to get in to Anne Frank. Takes too much time. Watch RS's video about it and decide if you want to see more ...

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You don't say when you are visiting, but if you can reserve tickets online for the Anne Frank House, do it. Their ticketing system has dramatically changed since last year and now most visitors need to buy advanced tickets online. They still open the doors to general admission in mid-afternoon, but it seems that this causes long lines into the evening when it used to be the lines were shorter in the evening. And it used to be one could get in line 45-60 minutes before opening and then only wait that long.

I can certainly understand people not wanting to wait in lines that last 90 minutes or more, both for physical reasons and to maximize their time spent while visiting. I would say however, that the Frank House is one of the most emotionally powerful museums I've ever been to (been twice). I find it far more powerful than Holocaust Museums and even the concentration camps I've been to, perhaps because it is so intimate and we know so much about Anne and her family. And in an age when antisemitism has been increasing, the message and power of it remains relevant. So if you can get the tickets online, or can wait in line, do it.

The VanGogh Museum also has very long lines all day and is well served by having a museum pass. The Rijksmuseum is easier to get into in off-peak hours but the pass is worth it to go anytime convenient for you.

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buy the Anne Frank House ticket online you have to choose between 9am to 3pm entry times.
And also you should buy any ticket to museums that allow you to skip lines because they get really long.

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Don't buy any ticket packages or combo packages that include canal tours without checking the prices first. Chances are that it will be cheaper for your to buy your tickets directly from the museum websites. As for the Anne Frank House, tickets are released exactly two months prior to the date of your visit. They release them between 8 and 10 a.m. Dutch time. If you are in the States, you might want to set your alarm and get online in the early hours to snag some tickets--they go that fast.

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Thanks to you all for comments re: Anne Frank house. Will take suggestion and buy online. Any other suggestions on what I should or should NOT do during my 2.5 day visit to Amsterdam? Cheers. Barbara

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Has anyone actually been able to buy tickets online for tours? I am visiting Amsterdam June 4th- 6th, and in viewing the website, I see that they do not have any tickets available. I understand that they are supposed to be available 60 days prior, but nothing is showing up for June 3rd. :(

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Martym--I did the same thing when buying my 4/19 ticket, went online 2/19 and nothing, but on the 20th the available tickets for 4/19 showed. Try tomorrow and I bet you'll see them.

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Thanks to everyone for your detailed replies. I bought my ticket online for both the Anne Frank house and van Gogh Museum. FYI, will be there for 2.5 days in late April.

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My personal list of don't waste your limited time in Amsterdam on:

  • Madam Tussaud's wax museum (unless you really like the genre)
  • Amsterdam Dungeon
  • any of the hemp/marijuana/cannabis so-called museums
  • queuing at museums where you can save time reserving time slots in advance (Rijskmuseum, Van Gogh, Anne Frankhuis).
  • diamond polishing demonstrations
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Add to the don't do list:

  • renting a bicycle
  • visiting the Red Light District (the »Wallen«)
  • doing a Heineken tour

And for the do list:

  • have a tour for the Royal Palace, the former City Hall (am I not a tour type, but this one was illuminating)
  • take the river ferry behind the Centraal Station: it's free
  • have a look at »Het Schip«: a social housing project of a scarce beauty.
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Thanks again to all who've responded to my most recent and previous posts. To clarify location/price range re: restaurants/bars I'm staying at Hotel Estherea, Singel 303-309, 1012 W; not if this gives location. Price range could be between budget (good value) to moderately priced ($-$$$). Hope this helps. BP

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I disagree with the renting a bike. We used it to easily get around the city and explore all kinds of neighborhoods. If you are a biker its a great way to explore the city and move about quickly if you need to.

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bpeters922 we will be staying at the Hotel Estheria in September for just one night after a river cruise. I'd be interested to know if you partook of the pricey hotel breakfast and if so did you think it was worth the price? If not did you find a place for breakfast nearby that is opened on Sunday? And was there a dinner place you really liked nearby.