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Visa for Six month (partially) on invite visa

Hi guys,

I am a writer and have been invited to attend an artist residency in amsterdam for three months, and another in france for a month. But the problem is, is that they are two months apart. I am wondering if anyone has experience with something like this? Especially with the fact that two months I am not invited for, will they perhaps not let me stay without proof from an institution?


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"artist residency" = working. A normal tourist entry stamp on your passport (the infamous 90 days in 180 rule) is not valid in your case.
I don't know what your nationality is (you don't say), but you need a work permit and a visa from the day your Amsterdam residency starts. I suggest you contact the organisations offering the artist residencies immediately and ask them for advice, then contact the Netherlands and French embassies about getting visas. You will probably need 2 visas, a Netherlands one for the 3 months in Amsterdam and a French one for the month in France. Do not waste any time, the paperwork could take some time.

A tourist is a person who does not work. If you work, you are not a tourist. The only time you will be a tourist is the two months between the residencies.

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You can see some earlier discussion and links in this Forum, such as below, but going straight to the country that will issue the visa is going to give the fullest and latest details. You probably must state your plan for the intervening two months, whatever that plan is.

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I am american! sorry for that ambiguity! But is it working still if im not getting paid? Im just staying somewhere for free and doing a publication.

thanks again

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Doing something to be published there by European program sponsors? Could be work, especially in exchange for room and/or board. Look further into the details.

Or taking a sabbatical to write your novel, which will be published later, at home, if ever? That sounds fine to me, like keeping a journal or taking photos, or working for a US company.

But to stay long enough for both programs, you'll need a long-stay visa or need to leave the Schengen zone for 90 days (if you've already spent 90 days there).