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Van Gogh Museum

I will be in the Netherlands in mid-September. I would like to be spontaneous with my plans, depending on the weather. How far in advance must I reserve entrance to the Van Gogh Museum that time of year? Months? Weeks? Days? Hours? I can reserve an entrance time now - seems extreme. (but I will reserve in advance for the Ann Frank House.)

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It’s been a few years since I’ve been to Amsterdam but from what I hear now competition to get into that museum is getting pretty ferocious. I would go ahead and reserve it for the same day as the Anne Frank house, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. That way that is your only day that is chained to entrance times and you can be more flexible the other days.

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I visited the Van Gogh Museum in April while on a Rick Steves tour. Only the few of us who had reserved well ahead were able to visit as they were fully booked. I just looked back at my email confirmation and see I booked on March 19 for April 14. I was specifically looking for a late afternoon entrance time based on tour activities for that day which was good as all the middle times were gone.

My suggestion is to check the booking calendar once a week and book when it starts to fill up. And yes, I’m sure you’ll wind up booking before you travel.

My other suggestion is to start on the 3rd floor and work down. It messes up the timeline but you get to the good stuff first before fatigue sets in!

If you plan to see the Rijksmuseum, download their excellent app. You can book a ticket ahead on it but it’s not for a specific time or day. It’s good for a year, I think. You’ll avoid long ticket lines. Still don’t understand why those in line didn’t download the app on the free museum wifi and purchase that way!! Take your earbuds so you can listen to the commentary on the app.

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For the Van Gogh Museum, I reserved online before we left the States for the first time available in the morning, 9 am, I think. We were first to see everything and by 10 am, the crowds were filling up the museum. So reserve as early as the website allows you to reserve in advance. I was there in April 2018.

We booked our tickets online before we left home for the Anne Frank House at 5 pm on the day we had visited Keukenhof Gardens. They do an excellent job of crowd management and only allow in a small number of people at a time.

I understand your desire to be spontaneous but it will cost you in time spent waiting in line - I think you know that.

Someone else mentioned the Rijks Museum and I recommend getting advance tickets here too, maybe on a different day.

I know you will have a great trip!

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I spent about an hour in line for the Van Gogh at around 9 am on a week day--when I left around 1 pm there was no line, so it does vary throughout the day, I noticed this as my hotel was nearby and I often passed through the Museumplein. The Rijks I just walked right in on a week day around 2 pm.

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Interesting to know your experience Christa. The day the RS tour did the Rijks in the AM I had tickets for a special exhibit at 1230 after our tour. I finished with the special exhibit and when I left about 1:45 the security guy OUTSIDE the main doorway in the outdoor arched area was holding people back and the line stretched back about halfway down the side walk toward the plaza area. That wasn't even a ticket line, it was just to get into the entrance hall. I was shocked. When I returned the next day for another run at it I got there are just after opening and found no line at all.