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Understanding Transit/Transfer Process at Schiphol Airport- Amesterdam

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well and in good health

This will be my first time traveling with a layover in an European country, so I want to ensure I have every doubt cleared. I'll be flying from Canada (Calgary) to India (Mumbai) with a 3-hour and 50-minute layover at Amsterdam Airport in May 2024. I know it's early, but I'd like to confirm the process.

My ticket is a single PNR, and I've confirmed with the airline that my baggage will be collected at the final destination. Since I'm traveling from a non-Schengen country to another non-Schengen country, I shouldn't be entering the Schengen area at the airport. My understanding is that I can walk directly to my connecting flight gate without going through passport and security checks.

However, through the Schiphol WhatsApp chat feature i asked the same question and, I've been informed that depending on the gate my Calgary to Amsterdam flight lands, I might have to go through passport control. This confuses me, as netherlands goverment website states that passport control is only for those entering the Schengen area or collecting baggage, whereas I will be just tranfering to my next flight. Will they ask for a Schengen visa at passport control if i had to go through one as mentioned via the whatsapp chat ? Any guidance on this process would be highly appreciated to avoid last-minute panic.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance :).

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“ My understanding is that I can walk directly to my connecting flight gate without going through passport and security checks.”

Your understanding is correct. Please disregard what the Schiphol chatbot told you. There is no way that a flight from Canada will be assigned a gate in the Schengen part of the airport.

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@Dutch Traveller
Thank you for your response and guidance. I assume the chatbot might be confused by what I was asking. Now I feel confident on the process that I will follow after arriving at AMS.
Thank you for confirming 🙏

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If your return flight also transfers in Schiphol you will have to clear security there. This because Canada (and the US as well) are considered "clean" by the EU, and thus passing through security again is not needed for passengers originating there. Passengers from India do have to clear security again.

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Thank you for the information.

My returning flight is via Paris(CDG), I assume I will go through security check. However will confirm the procedure with airport/airline before returning.
Thanks once again

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Although AMS is generally an easier airport than CDG, I find that, if I just follow the signs, I have no trouble navigating either of these airports. You will have plenty of time, so you should have no trouble getting through AMS. Your understanding is correct. You will stay in the non-Schengen area.

For specific information about CDG, look at this website: It will give you detailed information about going between terminals and much more.

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Thank you for confirming regarding my understanding about the procedure to follow at AMS airport.
For my layover at CDG (Paris) while returning should be simple as I have checked on my itinerary and also live arrivals and departures. I will be arriving to CDG and departing to Canada from the same terminal of the airport.

The flight from BOM-CDG will be landing on2E and flight from CDG - Canada will be departing from 2E so should be simple.

@Katie thank you for the video. The explanation regarding the procedure is very straightforward. Thanks