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Uber in Amsterdam

Does Uber operate in Amsterdam and if so anyone had experience using it? Also do I have to anything special to my account to make it operational in Europe.

Thanks Hank

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We used it in April 2019. Just make sure the credit card attached to your account has zero foreign transaction fees, since everything will be processed in Euros.

Also make sure your pick up spot is the exact address, and not just using the pin via location. That will help being picked up correctly and without having to call/text the driver who may not speak English.

We have T-Mobile so free international data, so check your carrier about any fees associated with having your phone off wifi in Europe.

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My husband and I used Uber in Amsterdam this past October. It was our first time ever using Uber at all. We used it from the airport to go to our hotel (a little confusion as to where the driver was supposed to pick us up at the airport but after a bit of texting with the driver, we were picked up) and then a couple of days later, from our hotel to the cruise ship terminal. We didn't have to do anything special to use it in Europe.

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Uber works pretty well in Amsterdam. There are areas that the drivers cannot pickup, like in the red light / old town area. But the app will tell you where to go.

One slight issue with uber, if it is very busy and heading to 2x the usual fare or more, it might be better to get a regular taxi. They also have a number to cal and wil usually be there within minutes, often quicket than uber.

Please don't misunderstand me, uber is usually the better bet and cheaper, But if you see that 2x fare, Amsterdam Taxi Centraal could be a quicker and similarly priced option. Their number is 020 777 77 77.

By the way, everyone speaks English, all uber drivers and all tai drivers and phone operators.

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Thanks for all the feedback. I really appreciate it! Looking forward to seeing Amsterdam 25 year after my last visit. I'm sure I will be in bed much earlier on this trip and feeling much better in the morning. Ha!