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UBER in Amsterdam

Has anyone used UBER in Amsterdam and if so was it a good experience?

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This does not answer the question but as nine time visitor to Amsterdam the city old center is so easy to get around you probably do not really need it or a taxi depending on where you are staying and how late you plan to stay out.

But I admit I took taxi once late at night and the driver took the scenic route probably thinking I would by too loaded to notice.

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I just Googled for the answer... there are 3 categories of Uber... Uber Black and Uber Lux are legal. Uber Pop is not.

Haven't used Uber in Amsterdam but I have in Paris and it was great. Much more convenient than taxis.

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I was in Amsterdam in April with my 2 sisters and niece. We Uber-ed everywhere. Took one to delightful Zaanse Schaans. Uber was a lifesaver and timesaver for us, ennabling us to see much more than we could have, otherwise, and with the 4 of us it wasn't expensive. In fact, it was an Uber driver who took us to Keukenhof who told us about Zaanse Schaans. So glad we got to go both places. Uber was great in Paris, too, though due to unexpected road construction, it didn't get us to the train station in time to catch our train. We Uber-ed to the Palace of Versailles without a hitch. I highly recommend it.

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We took Uber from our hotel to the airport and it was very convenient. That was the only time we needed it in Amsterdam since we walked everywhere. We also used it a lot in Paris...very convenient and cheaper than taxis.

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Amsterdam has an excellent transit network. Are you travelling to locations that aren't on transit lines?

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We flew into Schipol the end of May and used UberX to get from the airport to our Airb&b apartment in the Oud-West district. UberX was recommended by the apartment owner since we were not familiar with trains. Once outside the airport, which is across the street from the Sheraton, we called for an UberX ride and within a few minutes he arrived. The driver told us he had been driving for Uber in Amsterdam for 3 years. He was very friendly and it was a pleasant experience for our first time using Uber.