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Tulips in Holland website

I get the weekly newsletter from It's always there when I turn on the computer on Tuesday mornings, a bright ray of spring sunshine. Except this morning it wasn't there. I tried to access the website and got an error message. It's evening in Florida now, and still no Tuesday newsletter. Is anyone else having trouble, or might it be on my end? Thanks all. (I did indeed get last week's, so I know I'm still signed up.)

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I got mine this morning - hope you did too! She said that there was an issue with the server yesterday so they weren't able to send the newsletter out on their usual Tuesday.

For anyone going to the Netherlands, or dreaming of going to the Netherlands, this is a wonderful newsletter! I was there in 2015 but still love getting the weekly newsletter. It brings back great memories and makes me think I need to plan another trip there!