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Tulips and Windmills

Is there a good place to go where I can get the 'classic' pics of tulips and windmills (in the same picture)as just a day trip from Amsterdam?

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You don't say when you are going to Holland but I am assuming in the spring when the tulips are in bloom. I highly recommend the Keukenhof Gardens which are a short train ride then bus from Amsterdam. We were there in late April one year and it was spectacular. There is a windmill on the site.

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As noted, Keukenhof has a windmill and all the tulips you would want, but you won't see any of the blooms if you don't visit at the right time of year.

It's a little farther as a daytrip from Amsterdam, but there's a large cluster of windmills at Kinderdijk near Rotterdam. I can't say definitively that you won't also see tulips here, but probably not.