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trip to Winterswijk from Amsterdam to visit ancestors

Random question, but we would like to visit Winterswijk for a day.
I know the train could get us there in 2.5 hours, but in your opinion, is it worth renting a car and visiting small towns along the way?
We are thinking of renting a car anyway to explore Belgium as well. Thanks for any info you have to share.

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I don't know that part of the country very well, but on a direct route to Winterswijk the small historical city of Zutphen is very much worth a lunch stop, or otherwise the nearby castles in Vorden or Ruurlo. All these can very well be done by train, including the castles, both being only a 10-min walk from their railway stations on the line from Zutphen to Winterswijk.

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A car is not ideal for a single day-out. But it depends on what you plan to visit. Cemeteries or cities? Town record halls or rural castles? Botanical Gardens or forests? Have you done the research to know which you’re doing?

It usually takes a minimum of 15 minutes (or a maximum of 30) to exit a highway, drive to town, and park in a paid municipal garage. Similar time after the visit. How many placed do you want to hit in the day? It’s unlikely your hotel has free parking.

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Thank you all for your input. We are still figuring things out, obviously!
We would not get the car until we check out of our hotel in Amsterdam in a few days because I know a car is a liability in the city. We much prefer exploring the beautiful countryside than the city.
Thank you again!