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Travelling to Amsterdamn

i wanted to travel to Amsterdam next month, but it is very expensive city to travel to from Chicago. What is the closest city to fly into that is less expensive?

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Brussels is a fairly big hub. I would try that. Also - not trying to be mean, but I did have a very good laugh at your spelling of Amsterdam:) I am a terrible speller by the way:)

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Try skyscanner for many flight options. You don't have to try to find an airport close to Amsterdam as flying is so cheap inside of Europe. I just saw a flight from O'Hare to Dublin on Aer Lingus for $800. Once you're in Europe you can fly city to city for under $100 usually on carriers like Ryanair. Just shop around and pick the cheapest ticket to any city in Europe and make your way to Amsterdam pretty cheaply. Just remember that you'll be charged checked bag fees and those carriers so pack light.

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Flying to Europe in general is expensive (try doing it from the West Coast where prices are between $800-1200 even in the off season, even if you purchase in advance). We recommend or to search for the cheapest fares. It is almost always going to cost you more if you buy your tickets so close to your depature date, but you have to do what you have to do so....Consider looking for fares that get you to "gateway cities", such as London, Paris, Brussels, Copenhagen and Frankfurt. Then price the cost of training or flying to your destination city. Another option would be to see what it would cost you to train from Chicago to NYC, then catch a flight from there to Amsterdam.

Many courier services are based out of New York, Boston or Chicago. You could look into participating in a courier service (this is harder to find these days) for a cheap flight that gets you anywhere on that side of "the pond" then train to Amsterdam. I hope this helps!

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I'm seeing nonstops on United for just over $1000, and connections with Iberia for just over $700. That's pretty Amsterdamn good these days.