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Travel to UK from Amsterdam

We are leaving from New York on 9/821 for Paris, and the plan was to go to Amsterdam for a few days then to Manchester to visit family for a few days. My question: Will we need a negative COVID test to travel between any of these countries? Thank you for any help you can give. -Allan

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You need to look up UK government website information for travelers arriving from the Netherlands.

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This from yesterday:

I'll absolutely agree with the above that no one can say what restrictions will or won't be two weeks from now let alone two months. The situation is just too volatile what with COVID numbers rising again. There has been a lot of advice on the forums recently not to book multi-country trips this year due to the potential for re-instated quarantines, border closures between X and X countries, etc.

It looks like if the Netherlands is red-listed at the time of your travel, you won't be able to enter the UK:

It's a little fuzzier to me if the Netherlands is amber-listed (and note that France and Netherlands BOTH are currently amber-listed on the gov.UK site) as they seem to specify the "UK vaccination programme" versus having been fully vaccinated anywhere else. Maybe someone knows the answer to that one?

Anyway, keep eyes on the appropriate government sites, and I wouldn't personally book anything non-refundable at this point.

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The date 9/8 is ambiguous with you visiting family in England. It could read 9th of August, or it could read 8th of September.

In either case though the answer is as above - unfortunately nobody knows.

The UK has over 50,000 new cases today - the highest count since January. Quickly rising hospitalizations and also sharply rising deaths. So we are not in a good place at the moment.

The Netherlands is also, as explained, not in a good place.

So that means that you may be making a difficult situation for yourself. When your travel comes you will have to pass whatever France requires at the time, and then when you get to Amsterdam you have to qualify for whatever the Netherlands requires of folks from both the US and France (assuming you have been in France less than 14 days), plus as your train will travel through Brussels, Belgium too.

Then when you go to Manchester - presumably by air - under current law you will need to quarantine in the UK for 10 days, 3 or 4 covid tests (depending on if you want to get out of quarantine a couple of days early) based on the US/France/Belgium/Netherlands stays, if you are allowed to enter. At the moment the US origin bans you form entering the UK unless you meet a very few urgent reasons - tourism is not an exception.

You haven't said if you will be double vaccinated plus 2 weeks. That may help in entering France, Belgium or Netherlands (check for yourself close to the time) but at the moment only counts into England if your received your vaccination in the UK - foreign ones don't count.

If you had restricted yourself to one country you might have found things easier.

But then things can go down as well as up, and there is a bit of time to August and a bit more to September. Good luck

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Thank you to all who replied. I think we will stick to spending time in Paris and then explore the French countryside for the remainder of the trip. Save Amsterdam for later and call the family with the change of plans. Again, thank you!

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France has just been put on the Amber plus list last night ( a new thing) so i would triple check if you can come to the UK from France without out having to self isolate or going into a quarintine hotel.