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Best travel option From Paris to Amsterdam

Can someone please help me with the name of the airport that I should fly out of from Paris? I'm finding very cheap flights from CDG airport that takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes whereas flying out of Orly airport takes about 5 hours. Someone had mentioned that the train works out to be faster because of the transfers needed after the flight? Can someone please clarify for me?

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I'd take the train. It's about 3 hours Paris to Amsterdam on the Thalys

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You have to be at the airport over an hour before you fly. You have to get to the airport from Paris. Once in Amsterdam you have to get from the airport to town. So an hour and ten minute flight will take three hours or more downtown to downtown. The three hour twenty minutes train ride will get you there just as fast with fewer hassles.

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Unless you are actually arriving at the airport that day and just staying to take the flight to Amsterdam there is no way I would even consider taking a flight.

The train DOES work out faster.. and cheaper too if you buy tickets for Thalys well in advance.

It takes about 45-60 minutes( could be longer if you have to travel to get to the RER line that goes to airport , could be a bit shorter too ) by RER to get to CDG/.
You should arrive at least 1.5 hours in advance of flight.
You then have to get from airport to hotel in Amsterdam.

Now add the money for the RER to airport.. 10 euros , then from Amsterdam to city ( do not recall).
Luggage fees.. most lo cost airlines charge between 20-40 euros per checked in suitcase.
Train.. luggage is free.

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Most international flights use Paris CDG while many inter-European flights use Paris Orly. Both have flights to Amsterdam and can be inexpensive if booked ahead (see for options). As others have noted, the train can be easier and faster when you count in transit time to and from the airports and wait time. Having done this trip both ways, personally, I'd take the train. You can get inexpensive tickets if you book ahead. Just be ready to commit as most of the cheaper, advance purchase tickets are non-reufundable, non-exchangeable. See for details.

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Take the train, my wife and I did it in sept . 3 hours -20 minutes , you walk out of the Amsterdam train station and you are right on one of the main streets . The trams are right out front if needed. We bought our tickets in Paris about a week before so I know we paid more than doing it in advance . Enjoy