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Transportation from Schipol to Amsterdam Centraal and from Amsterdam Centraal to our apartment

Hi everyone,
1) Is the ticket from Schipol airport to Amsterdam centraal seperate from the Amsterdam city tickets? Or can we buy the 24hr/48 hr etc OV-disposable chip card at the airport and this will cover the ride to Amsterdam centraal?
2) Our apartment is located on the following address: Haarlemmerdijk 136I 1st floor, Amsterdam, North Holland 1013 JJ, Netherlands.
I located this on Google maps and saw that the best directions from Centraal to it were via Bus route 22 which is NOT the same as trams. My question is a) Is the bus a usual city bus? b) We will have carry-ons and small daypack each and will those be allowed on the bus. c) The Ov-disposable card will be valid on this bus so do we stamp it as we get on and then does the 24 or 48 hour time stamp start from the time we stamped?
Thanks in advance.

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1) The city transit passes don't cover the train ride from the airport to Cenraal Station, and vice versa. You'll have to purchase the pass on board a tram or at GVB transit office across from Centraal.
2) You can use the transit pass on trams, buses, and the metro.
3)The transit passes have chips inside of them. When you enter the bus or tram there will be a reader, next to the entrance/exit. You simply hold the pass next to the reader and it will make a "beep" when it has scanned your card. It's essential that you scan your card when you enter/exit the bus or tram. The 24/48 pass activates the first time you scan the card.

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1) No, you need separate tickets. GVB 24/48/72h passes don't cover national (NS, yellow and blue) trains, just local transportation (subway, trams and local buses)

2) That is a regular bus. You can take your luggage with you. The pass is valid 24/48h from the time you check-in (meaning: tapping it onto a check-in token). You need to check in and out all the time you use public transportation. You can't just hop on and ride without checking in AND out You will notice everyone doing the same so you won't miss it.

From your location, you have access to the useful #3 tram line, which connects your location with several museums, the Vondelpark etc. It is an arch line very useful to move from place to place without going through Amsterdam Centraal.

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Thanks Michael and Andre for your answers. I will make note of tram#3.

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to answer you luggage/kid question. Yes you can bring them on.

happy trails.