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Transportation from Airport to Amsterdam Apartment

I’ve never been to Amsterdam before, but will be visiting for the first time next month. How crowded are the trams during the day in the summer? I was thinking that we might take the train to Central Station and then tram 4 out to our apartment on the Prinsengracht Canal (close to the Amstel). Our flight arrives on Friday just after noon, so we’ll be traveling midday. In the past, I’ve sometimes regretted using public transport to go back and forth with luggage because the city buses/trams are so crowded that our luggage always seems to get in the way. We’re renting the apartment from Citymundo and their directions would have us taking the Airport bus to the Rijksmuseum stop and then walking the 15-20 minutes to the apartment. The tram would let us off just two minutes away from the apartment. Of course, we could also spring for a taxi. My inclination is to take the train and tram, but is that wise for three people with luggage? (Rick Steve’s wheel bags and additional carry-ons).

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Why not take the train into the Center City and take a relatively short cab ride? The train ride is very short--maybe 15 minutes.

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I agree. Amsterdam is crowded with all kinds of travelers with luggage in transit, take the taxi from Central Station if you can't figure how to use the tram

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go for the tram. At the time of day you are arriving, you should not have any problem getting your luggage on the tram. After 4 in the afternoon, I would consider alternative transport.
when you get off at the Centraal Station, head to the TI office across the street.

They will put you on the right tram or offer alternative suggestions.
When we were in Amsterdam in April, a number of people going to/from the Central Station/airport were using the trams. Everyone was very tolerant and helpful as long as you can take charge of your bags.
As long as everyone has one reasonable size bag (25 in or less) and a purse/back-pack, you will be fine.
You can spring for a taxi but if your luggage is oversize, you may have to use more than one taxi.
Have fun!

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Thanks for the advice! I like the idea of taking the train to Central Station and then a taxi from there. If we have time to kill before we’re expected at the apartment, we’ll check out the trams. I would like to see about getting transit passes for our stay, so maybe I could do that at the TI.