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Transferring from Schiphol

Will be traveling from U.S to Toulouse France on KLM. Can anyone verify if the following statement is true?
From June 2015 new security measures aimed at making transiting Schiphol even easier were introduced. Now there will be no security checks at the gate as was the previous situation. For passengers arriving in the non-Schengen area of the airport from countries that are considered to have carried out a recognised level of security checks such as the USA and all NON Schnegen EU countres (e.g. UK), no further security screening will take place. For passengers arriving from these and many other destinations, this is a vast improvement on the previous situation and especially for passengers who have purchased duty free items at their point of origin.

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They're saying that since you came from a secured space in a U.S. airport, you will be staying in a secured space within Schiphol. That way, additional security checks will not be required when arriving and transferring to your next flight.

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I flew through Schipol in June from the US and then transferred to Lyon. I did go through immigration/passport control as well as security. I did also have additional security at the gate. I flew June 26th so maybe it has changed. They even took my purchased drink at the gate in Schipol even though I had gone through the normal security liquid point. Hope this helps.

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Schiphol had originally told me we would have to go through security and passport control before boarding our flight to Toulouse. A bit later I got the following email from them.
"Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
11:52 AM (4 hours ago)

Thank you for your reply regarding transfer at our airport. The information you received from us is incorrect. There will only be a passport check. no security check. We apologize for the inconvenience caused."
So I guess it will just take a bit of time to get this implemented. Sure hope so as would eliminate one item of stress.

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There is a growing trend in airports across Europe to eliminate the security check for transfer passengers. Amsterdam airport just got done with an extensive renovation this summer so it does not surprise me they made this change to the security process.

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Indeed security at Schiphol is now (if not converted yet) to entry to airside from outside the airport, rather than at each gate. Thus any transferring passengers will be clean - unless of course they leave the airport for their layover, and will then have to go through security on reentry. Can't remember if this is one of the designated airports with the additional screening for US-bound transfers, but if so, we have been through that at Frankfurt the last two years and it maybe added 30 seconds.

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Schiphol is indeed an efficient choice for trans-Atlantic eastbound passengers to transfer to internal European flights. However, for connections going west, I'm guessing airlines to the United States may still insist on security checks at their departure lounges. Anyone know if my guess is correct?