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Train ticket to Bruges

Hello, I was just reading over my travel information and became curious about buying train tickets to Bruges. First, when looking online, a couple of stations popped up. What is the central station for Bruges? Also, we are traveling from Amsterdam to Bruges. We are in Amsterdam for 3 days. Should I buy the tickets 3 days before leaving Amsterdam, on the day of travel , or now from home? We leave in 2 weeks. In what I have read, getting tickets doesn't seem very difficult. Sort of like hopping on and off a bus in the states. And, where can I buy them using an
American credit card? Thanks for your help!

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The main train station in Bruges is called "Station Bruges", this is the one you want.
To travel from Amsterdam to Bruges requires the use of the high-speed Thalys train from Amsterdam to Antwerp (or sometimes Brussels), and then a local train to Bruges. The Thalys uses airline style pricing and requires reservations, so the sooner you book the cheaper it will be. The savings are significant, so it's essential to book ASAP to avoid paying the fares meant for business travelers.

You can book tickets for the entire journey at this site:

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Thanks for the quick response. I am trying to buy tickets but when I select, it says Bruges Area. I then have to select either Dieselle or Vivier d'Oie. Sorry, don't speak French or Dutch. What should I select?

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Could you share with me the cost in euros from Amsterdam to Bruges? For two adults it was approx 600 euros round trip leaving early morning and returning the same day. Seems quite a lot so I was thinking about not going to Bruges this trip. We are 5 days in Amsterdam. Would that even give us enough time in Bruges?
Thanks for helping me out.