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Train from Utrecht to London


Just wondering what is entailed to get to London from Utrecht by train and estimated costs.

Thanks in advance.

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Utrecht - Rotterdam - Brussels - London

Just over 2 hours Utrecht - Rotterdam - Brussel Zuid using the local train Utrecht, 15 minute plus or minus connection in Rotterdam Centraal, Thalys Rotterdam Centraal to Brussel Zuid.


Just under 3 hours for the same route but using the InterCity international train between Rotterdam Centraal and Brussel Zuid.


somewhat longer using other connections.

Russell you haven't given any clue as to when travel will be or how many or ages so the price part of the answer will have to come later.

If you use Thalys if price is important to you you need to get tickets as soon as possible after they are released for sale. They never go down, and last minute Thalys tickets are very expensive.

If you have a railpass there is another can of worms, but you haven't indicated that.

From Brussel Zuid you will use Eurostar to go at very high speed and through the Channel Tunnel to St Pancras International station in London. Travel time is as low as 2 hours and a minute to as much as about 2:15 depending on the number of stops on your chosen departure.

You need to have enough time in Brussels to get from your inbound train to the Eurostar check in with at least a very minimum time of 30 minutes prior to departure - strictly enforced - up to about an hour which is my current recommendation. At check in in Brussels you will have a security check, and Belgian and British border control. Customs is in London, normally a walk through the green channel unless you have something to declare, but all 4 countries you will have gone through are EU members.

Last minute Eurostar tickets can be VERY expensive - get them when they are released for sale for the cheapest.

You can also get a through ticket all the way from Utrecht to London from both the Eurostar website and the Dutch NS highspeed website.

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Hi Nigel,

Thank you for that is a great help. My apologies for lack of our a hurry to post late at night.

There will be my wife and I, who are both in our 50's and we will be traveling in July/August 2015. We hope to be in Utrecht for the Tour de France and then travel to either London or Paris from there. I think the Utrecht to Paris may be easier than getting to London? Would you agree?

We would not any Europass or similar either.

Thanks again.


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prices will be similar if you get them when they are released for sale - Eurostar to London or Thalys to Paris. Both get very expensive close to travel day.

Travel time relatively similar.