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Train from London to Amsterdam ?

Can I purchase a ticket through Eurostar for travel from London to Amsterdam or do I need to purchase a London-Brussels ticket and a Brussels-Amsterdam ticket separately ? I'd prefer to take the train rather than fly, but not if it is considerably more expensive and complicated. Thanks in advance for the information.

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Maybe not, or maybe.

Using the link I provided above, I got as far as entering my name and completing payment on

London to Amsterdam CS
London St Pancras Int'l to Brussels-Midi
Departs 12:58 on Tue, 13 May
Arrives 16:08 on Tue, 13 May
Standard Non Flexible
Brussels-Midi to Amsterdam CS
Departs 16:52 on Tue, 13 May
Arrives 18:42 on Tue, 13 May
Comfort 2 Non Flexible
1 x adult (£64.50)£64.50Amsterdam CS to London
Amsterdam CS to Brussels-Midi
Departs 09:18 on Thu, 15 May
Arrives 11:08 on Thu, 15 May
Comfort 2 Non Flexible
Brussels-Midi to London St Pancras Int'l
Departs 12:52 on Thu, 15 May
Arrives 14:03 on Thu, 15 May
Standard Non Flexible
1 x adult (£64.50)£64.50


Looks like it was allowing booking to me. As you said, David, in your original question, the name is Eurostar. No bold letters required.

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Looks like if you tell the Chunnel site you live in the UK, instead of the USA it will allow Americans to select Amsterdam as a destination. But you're still better off using the site as the exchange rate is better. You'll be charged Euros, instead of pounds like the Chunnel site forces on you.

For example:
By using the Chunnel site for the 8:04am departure on April 24 the fare is 103.50 pounds. Which works out to $172.72 USD.

By using the NH Hispeed site for the very same departure you are charged 117.50 euros. Which works out to $161.12 USD.

So as you can see it's a $11.60 price difference. That will buy you some extra french fries in Amsterdam. Bon Appetite!

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Thank you Michael and Nigel. I'll try both ways and I appreciate your helpful responses.