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Train from Amsterdam to Bruges

We are wondering what train most people take from Amsterdam to Bruges- the IC or Thalys? I know they both have transfers but was wondering which is preferable. I know you need a reservation on Thalys and it is a shorter trip but is it worth the extra money?

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i have used both The IC ticket is good for any train that day the Thalys is not.
Thalys train is more plush but likely to be full because there are not as many scheduled.
I always now opt for the cheaper IC trains

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I like the Thalys when somebody else is paying.

I tend to use the IC, but everybody is different.

I find the staff on Thalys to be pleasant.

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We have used Thalys from Amsterdam to Antwerp and the IC from there to Ghent and Bruges.
We used Thalys because we had time constraints but found the difference in price for the tickets (between Thalys and Belgian Rail) to be minimal. Purchasing tickets as early as allowed give you better prices.
Either way, rail transportation is reliable (unless there is a strike)