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Train change at Amsterdam Centraal

Hoping to get to Europe next Spring.

Part of my journey may involve a change at Amsterdam Centraal, from platform 7b to 2a. ( arriving from Frankfurt and going on to Haarlem)

DBahn shows 6 minutes for the transfer. Is that really enough time?

Thank you

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With luggage and with the strong likelihood of slight delays on German trains, 6 minutes is definitely not enough.
But it is not an issue at all, since trains between Amsterdam and Haarlem are very frequent, you can take whatever train comes next. Domestic Dutch train tickets are valid for the whole day and not just for a given train, and there is little benefit to buying them in advance (OK, you save 1 EUR / ticket), it is just as easy to use a yellow ticket machine once in Amsterdam Centraal.
I do not know if DBahn is actually able to sell you a ticket from Frankfurt to Haarlem but if they can, the same "valid all day" rule will apply for the Amsterdam-Haarlem leg.

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DB is not showing a schedule out that far, so I assume you are looking at the current schedule. Things could certainly change a year from now. However, looking at the current schedule, if you adjust the transfer time to a minimum of 10 minutes, you'll see that there is a 13 minute change there to Haarlem getting you there 11 minutes later than the original. If you put in a 15 minute minimum transfer time, then there is a 22 minute change there to Haarlem getting you there 16 minutes later than the original.

So you can see, trains to Haarlem out of Amsterdam Centraal are about every 5 to 10 minutes.

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hey hey joe32F
how fast can you run that 100 yard dash? put those roller blades on and wave as you pass em by!! ;)'

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Of course roller blades don't help much when the issue is going up and down a flight of stairs when changing platforms.

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Stairs and roller blades or 'the next train'..... hmmm, well I have several months to ponder that.

Thank you all.

Hopefully choices for FF miles improves and I can fly to Amsterdam and not have to go via Frankfurt. At the moment, for the 2 of us, its a $1400 difference, with via Frankfurt the cheaper option.

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yup - just take the next train. The slowest make 2 stops on the way, most make 1, and they are fast and very frequent. No probs....

by the way, every platform has a lift (elevator).