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Tour to Keukenhof Gardens

I’m planning to visit Keukenhof Gardens when they open in March 2024. I’m looking for information on a company that would provide round trip transportation from our hotel in Amsterdam. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks

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Closer to the opening date, various tours will show up on Keukenhof website or when googled. Some provide bus from near Centraal Station to Gardens, admission and return.

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Thanks for the reply. Guess I’ll just have to be patient and wait a little longer before making plans!

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I don't mean to twist your arm, but this is a massive annual event. Unless it is your personal preference, there is no need to book a car service from your hotel - assuming you are going to use Amsterdam public transportation for other purposes. There will be a huge temporary full-size bus service, probably more than one company.

When we need a car service in a city, we usually start with the hotel's land partner, because we assume that they have a strong incentive to do a good job. I note that you used the word tour, but then only mentioned "round trip transportation". Keukenhof is far enough from downtown Amsterdam that it might be expensive to pay a driver to make two "empty journeys", just guessing.

We happened to have a car for this trip, and were not sleeping in Amsterdam yet. I was sorry I returned the car in actual Amsterdam upon our arrival, it was a nightmare on the roads. We combined Alsmeer Flower Auction with Keukenhof, even though they are not "adjacent."

Keukenhof is usually very crowded. I would not be inclined to want to be in a group tour there. I simply mean that we visit lots of Public Gardens, which this is equivalent to. Very nice place, by the way.