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Zut. Bad timing. At least the cannabis cafés and restaurants will be open for takeout.

But one eye-opening statement from the NL Prime Minister is the advisory not to plan any travel until mid-March. That gives all of us an idea of what our governments loosely see as a time line. In other words, we need to stay in place until at least mid-March.

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A frustrating but inevitable result for The Netherlands. In the past few days, we've seen new cases peak at close to 10,000 persons a day. In USA terms, based on the population of this country, that would equate to about 200,000 US citizens a day becoming infected. Locals have clamored for stronger measurements - as a recent poll showed 7 out of 10 interviewed wanted stricter restrictions - but now that it's here, especially during the Holiday Season, it's much harder for all.

And many businesses are not happy. These signs are appearing at restaurants and cafes in Den Haag and Delft. Loosely translated, they read: Probably FOR RENT soon without additional support, accompanied by the names of Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister of Health, Welfare & Sport Hugo De Jonge. Many are located in The Plein, one of the largest squares in Den Haag and less than fifty meters from the Binnenhof, home of the parliament and upper government offices. Restaurants and cafes have become very frustrated with the restrictions, perceived lack of support, and in their opinion, lack of direction. Many protestors are saying the government waited too late.

Thus, at least until January 19, 2021:
OPEN: Supermarkets, drugstores, pharmacies, butchers, bakers, markets, dry-cleaners, opticians, medical professionals (dentists), and hospitals. Hotels can stay open, but can no longer serve ANY food, including no room service.
CLOSED: Pretty much everything else, including clothing stores, furniture stores, gardening stores, electronics stores, construction markets, hairdressers, schools, daycares (except for essential workers children) universities, and public spaces (like zoos, theme parks, Christmas markets, casinos, saunas, theatres, cinemas, gyms, and museums )

Cafes and restaurants took the hit before, now it’s the turn for the retail stores... and unfortunately, it will be during one of their busiest sales periods of the year. As the restrictions went in place last night at midnight - and were JUST announced yesterday morning - there was a MAD RUSH all day to get that last-minute XMAS gift, card, or anything retail! Stores were packed and because there was not much advance notice, it was chaotic.
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It appears the NL will miss out on a second "Tulip Season," The current lockdown has been extended to February 9, which started in December. And rumors are circulating that it may be extended into March. We started a curfew tonight (9.00 PM to 4. 30 AM). Everyone hopes these restrictions will reduce the infection rate, protect the population, and MAKE a summer opening more feasible.

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^ that's assuming enough Europeans can be vaccinated by then. Someone made a point about how Europe has been cautious and placed more value on lives than the economy(the exact opposite of what we've done) I really doubt they are gonna gamble it and potentially throw it all away by opening up the borders to Americans this summer.

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We hadden geen tijd om te ontspannen na de ene lockdown, dus binnenkort komt er weer een, vanwege een nieuwe golf van coronavirus (