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The Hague or Delft

Can only visit one. Which would you visit and why?

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Do you like world class art? If so, go to the Hague and see the Mauritshuis, loaded with Rembrandt and Vermeer paintings. The Maurdurodam (sp), the miniature replica of the Netherlands.

Delft is an old charming town with old churches and canals with a relaxing vibe.

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I agree. Go to Delft if you are into the pottery, otherwise it would be The Hague.

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The main attraction in the Hague is the museums (there's a bunch). For a visitor, it doesn't have much else to offer; it's not so attractive to walk around like other Dutch cities can be. If its museums interest you, go to the Hague; otherwise, go to Delft.

Do note that they are connected by frequent trams and trains, so don't be so sure you can only visit one. If you "finish early" with one, you can go to the other easily for your remaining time.

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They are ten minutes apart so it is a shame you can’t visit both.
The Hague alao has the Dutch Parliament buildings, on the water which are beautiful. Next visit to The Netherlands, we will stay in The Hague for a few days. You can take a tram out to the beach too.
The Mauritshaus ranks as one of our favorite art museums.

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I've visited both in a day easily. But the others are right, if you have to choose, it is based on your interests. The Hague has some charming aspects, but it is more of a modern city. The Mauritius Museum is phenomenal. Delft is a very charming town lined with canals. You can spend a few hours just wandering if you like that sort of thing.