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Swimming in Reykjavik .

I will be in Reykjavik for just one overnight in June. Arriving late afternoon, leaving first thing in the morning. I would love the opportunity to swim in the ocean or hot springs. I won't have much by way of transportation. I am staying at the Reykjavik residence apartment hotel. Is ther a beach or hot spring nearby? Thanks

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I have an upcoming overnight in Reykjavik and I'm planning to stop at the Blue Lagoon on the way from the airport. There are a number of companies that have buses from KEF to the Blue Lagoon and from the Blue Lagoon to Reykjavik (and vice-versa). Their website lists companies that offer excursions.

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No need for snark - Reykjavik has not moved.

Iceland does not have its own forum, so such questions/threads tend to pop up all over the place...

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Although some folks consider Iceland to be part of Europe, I think most people post questions about Iceland on the "Beyond Europe" Board. I would try posting the question there too as you may get some more responses. With that said, there are thermal pools in Reykjavik that locals go to. Otherwise, the Blue Lagoon only takes about 35-45 minutes from downtown. The blue lagoon is definitely more interesting than the other thermal pools though. Check out a guidebook on Iceland for more on transportation etc.

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We visited this hot springs:

it was closer to the downtown area. We skipped the Blue Lagoon because we are not huge hot springs people and it was quite expensive. (This was the first stop on a 5 week trip. We added Iceland because we got a free layover there, but did not want to spend a huge amount on a hot springs)

The one we visited was like going to a swimming pool with a lot of hot tubs here in the states. The hot tubs were different temperatures. It was ok. (see we are not huge hot springs people above). The people in Iceland love their soaking hot springs, so it seemed like the thing to do and we are glad we did it.

If you are big on hot springs, I would look into the Blue Lagoon. We did stop and see it and it was pretty much nicer and more unique than where we went.

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I think all folks think that Iceland is part of Europe, not just some of us. That the suggestion that people post questions about Iceland under "Beyond Europe" is kind of bizarre. Considering it belongs to the Schengen agreement and is part of the EU market ought to give one a clue that it is Europe, not Beyond.

Iceland needs its' own listing. Next we will be told that Malta isn't a part of Europe either, nor any of the other countries that don't have a listing.