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story on Amsterdam's infrastructure issues

This story was on my newsfeed today, about problems Amsterdam is having with sinkholes and collapsing bridges and roadways. amsterdam I didn't know how much of the city was built on piers, that have now deteriorated due to lack of attention over the years.

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Is the city going to be a big construction zone for some time? Is it easier because there’s less tourism right now?

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Is the city going to be a big construction zone for some time?

Cyn, we were there for a week about 10 years ago when large parts of the city were under reconstruction. There were ripped-up streets and sidewalks all over the place; we were constantly dodging bikes and motorcycles that had been forced off the rubble onto pedestrian lanes. Most of the major museums were either closed or partially so, and ugly fencing/green tarps enveloped a lot of buildings. I'd been to Amsterdam once in my past but that trip was my husband's choice. He was not terribly impressed. :O(

The locals manning our accommodation's desk rolled their eyes and said - on no uncertain terms - that they were good and sick of the ongoing mess too. In their minds, it had been going on for too many years. Granted, a lot of it has probably been put to rights since then but they had WAY too much in disarray at the same time.