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Staying near Jordaan- 1st time in Amsterdam

Hello all,
This is my first time (and probably only) time in Amsterdam. Female in 50's traveling solo end of May.
I'm staying in apartment on Fagelstraat. I realize now (did not know when I booked-as it's so difficult to tell) this may be a bit far out from city but actually how far out? And is this going to be a hassle?
Also, any advice, tips, things I should know, that anyone wants to throw out there, would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Bunches!

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Hi -- my wife and I met some friends from the U.S. in Amsterdam several months ago and we stayed at the Eelhouse on Lindenstraat about 300m (less than 1000 feet) east of you. We hit many of the main tourist sites and didn't find our location to be any problem at all, so I would suppose that would go for your location as well.

Our friends, by comparison, had booked a place much further west in the De Baarsjes neighborhood of Amsterdam-West. While they had to take mass transit to get to the heart of things, we could walk and meet them there (we're similar in age to you), only taking transit when we found ourselves a bit tired or footsore.

I hope you have as positive an experience as we did. I've traveled quite a bit, and Amsterdam was one of the few cities in which I immediately felt at home, as if I could move there with no regret.

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"this may be a bit far out from city but actually how far out?"

from Fagelstraat to
Anne Frank Huis: 1 km
Dam square: 2 km
Rijksmuseum: 3km

Near Fagelstraat are stops for tram 3 and 10 and bus 18 and 21

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Hi, when do you get to Amsterdam? I'm a female in my early 60's traveling solo from the middle to the end of May (leave on the 27th). Are you around then?

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Whatever you do go GO to eat an apple pie at Winkel 43 in Jordaan!!!!!!!