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sites in Haarlem vs Dutch Resistance Museum

We cannot fit in everything I want to see during our BOE 21 day pre-tour days. {Insert sad face}

We have the choice between doing the Grote Kerk tour and the Corrie ten Boom tour OR The Dutch Resistance Museum. Because of the open hours of these places we cannot do them all.

I've read all I can about Corrie ten Boom so she's particularly interesting to me but I also did the virtual tour at corrietenboom dot Com and I feel like I've seen the house (realizing I wasn't really "there", of course). This leaves the Grote Kerk in Haarlem.

So.......if we were able to get the nickel tour of the Grote Kerk in Haarlem at 1400, would we be able to make it back to Amsterdam with sufficient time to see the Dutch Resistance Museum before they closed at 1700?

I guess since I haven't actually been there and I don't know the transportation situation what I'm really asking is, is this possible?

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Why Grote Kerk and not Hals paintings? I mean it depends on what interests you and not on opening hours. Your schedule is not possible. There are millions of things to do right in Amsterdam.

I thought the resistance museum was excellent, and it's across the street from the chilling Stadschouwberg deportation memorial, which need not take as long as the museum.

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Frans Gals museum is open at noon on Sunday and the Grote Kerk is not. Our tour starts at 1400 on sunday and we plan on being in Haarlem much earlier that day. We will walk around the city at that point and take in what we can before our tour starts.

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I haven't seen the Grote Kerk, but I have been to Corrie Ten Boom's and the Dutch Resistance Museum.

I normally do not read everthing in any museum, but I was so spellbound and moved by the Dutch Resistance Museum that I lingered over every display. I would put it first on your list.

Be sure to see the film before going through the exhibits. Allow about 3 hours in the museum to see and take in what you are seeing and maybe take a coffee break in the connected cafe while you are there.

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You are going to see plenty of churches on the 21-day tour. I'd spend time at the Dutch Resistance Museum instead.

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Thank you everyone for your input. I think we will stick to the Dutch Resistance Museum on our arrival day, but I will make sure we aren't too tired to grasp its contents. This will leave us up to 4 hours there although I don't expect we will take that long.