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Short Schiphol layover - anything fun to see (or eat :-) ) in the airport with family?

We have a short time to spend in Amsterdam before our connecting flight home, and I was wondering if there were any highlights to see while in the airport. I realize we may only have enough time to run to the next gate - but in case we have some spare time, I'd appreciate some suggestions. I know I'll be looking for some stroopwaffels for starters! :-)

Thanks for any other suggestions you can share.


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I've flown in and out of Schiphol a number of times now. One thing that is nice is a roof top terrace where you can see planes landing/taking off and taxiing. There are great views up there. There's even a small airplane "museum" that is inside an actual airplane mockup. Directly accessed from that terrace is a decent cafeteria.

There's also a miniature Rijksmuseum and lots of great shopping. It's one of my favorite airports.

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Near that small museum there is often a baby grand piano which passengers can play. Worth a smile, at least. But first, go to your departure gate so you can then decide whether you can go walking elsewhere, or just check the shops and refreshments in the vicinity.