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Security or Damage Deposit at Hotels

While researching hotels, I have noticed that many hotels charge a security deposit at check in which is later returned if there is no damage.

Some of the hotels want the security deposit in cash and others charge your credit card. Some are for 50 Euros and some for 100 or so Euros.

For the cash deposit, do you really have to give the hotel 50 or 100 Euros in bills at check in. Then do you have to wait at check out for them to inspect your room and give you the cash back also in bills.

How long have others had to wait for the deposit to be loaded back on to their credit cards?

What has been the experiences of travelers to Amsterdam when it comes to the security or damage deposit? Have you ever had problems getting your money back? Were you ever cheated out of any money?

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I have no idea what you are talking about. I have never run into an actual hotel that requires a security deposit, they might require you have a credit card on file, and in signing in, agree to any charges applied to that card as a result of damages or expenses incurred (phone, mini-bar, room service, etc.)

I have been asked for security deposits for AirBnB or other private type or app rentals. Maybe post an example, my curiosity is piqued.

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Maybe you're referring to the hold that many hotels (and car rental companies) place on your card when checking in? Thats been pretty common for many years here in the US too; its just not well-advertised. Never heard of a cash deposit.

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Smaller hotels sometimes ask for it. However, I haven't had the experience of being charged anything. To protect yourself, photograph everything when you check-in and when you check-out. Happy travels!

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Half of the hotels that I research in Amsterdam require a deposit at check in in case of damage. It is usually in the fine print and some of these are really nice hotels.

I will copy the paragraph and post what hotel.

When reading the reviews of past guests, a few wrote about being told that the hotel charged their credit card so many Euros as a security deposit while checking in or in one case, the guest was asked for so many Euros in cash as a deposit.

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from the Westcord City Centre In the Fine Print

Please note that a deposit of EUR 100 is required upon arrival as safety deposit. This can be paid with your Credit Card. The deposit will be refunded on the day of departure. The release time of the authorization is subject to the bank of the Credit Card holder.

And from the Swissotel Amsterdam

Please note that a safety deposit of EUR 50 per night is required upon arrival, to cover incidentals. This will be refunded at check-out.

From the Crowne Plaza South

Please note that a safety deposit of EUR 50 per night. This can be reserved on your credit card or be paid in cash, which will be refunded upon check-out after inspection of the room.

Hotel Amsterdam De Roode Leeuw

There is nothing about a security deposit in the fine print but here is part of one of the reviews

When arrived to check in i was asked to pay a charge of €150 to which I'd get back within 10 working days, which is fine i understand but the hotel did not make me aware of this before i arrived to allow me to make sure i had this on me or my right card, this left me short for my stay, think in future this could of been made aware especially since i was in contact with the hotel several times to pay upfront etc and was even told previously after paid full amount that no other cost would be needed.

Hotel des Arts

Here is one that requires a security deposit in cash and is only returned after an inspection of your room

A damage deposit of EUR 50 is required on arrival. That's about 57.87USD. This will be collected as a cash payment. You should be reimbursed on check-out. Your deposit will be refunded in full, in cash, subject to an inspection of the property.

Even the Movenpick requires a security deposit but does not say how much

There are some hotels that say nothing about a security deposit like The Best Western Dam Square. And there are others.

I always book with free cancellation and I plan on writing any hotel to ask about their policy regarding a security deposit after I make up my mind.

Still doing my research.

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I believe when you check in at most hotels, a credit card is required to be on file. They may or may not process a hold, basically a transaction that posts, but is not completed. At check out, that transaction is either rescinded, or adjusted to the amount of the bill. This is common in the US as well as what you are seeing. I would not compare this to a "deposit" that they hold, in fact no money may change hands, if anything, it is a hedge on assuring you can pay the bill. If you read close enough, you can probably find that if they do find damage, they can charge the card after the fact.

Most people are not even aware of these holds, and you probably cannot find anyone that was cheated with extra charges.

As for cash, in the US it is near impossible to get a room without a credit card, or at the minimum paying up front. In a cash situation, a deposit would not be unheard of, but more a guarantee against the final bill.