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Schipol to Maastricth by Train

Hello. What is the best (Dutch) website to buy train tickets from Schipol to Maastricht (2 one-way tickets or one return ticket).

Is it possible to get a non-stop train? And if not, what about a nonstop train from Amsterdam Central? I noticed on one website that if there is a change in Utrecht, I have 20 minutes to change trains, and never having been there before, I am concerned about making the connection. Any advice would be appreciated.

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You can use the one of the NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen)

According the week schedule there are indeed direct trains from Amsterdam Centraal to Maastricht, but is a detour from Schiphol and you have to change trains anyway in Amsterdam Centraal and is no more easy then in Utrecht Centraal. I think changing in Utrecht don’t has to be a problem as there are very frequent direct trains from there to Maastricht, about 4 times each hour, so if you miss one you can catch another with the same ticket you have. So to my opinion you can go from Schiphol directly to Utrecht instead of making the unnecessary detour to Amsterdam.

Not familiar with train stations it can be a bit intimidating, but once a bit experienced it’s not so difficult and there are always fellow travellers, employees or information desks to help you.

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Hi Wil, Thank you so much. You gave me all the answers. I am so glad to know that if I miss a train I can take the next one with the same ticket. Thanks again. :-)

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Even in a large station, 20 minutes is plenty of time to change trains. Remember, there's no security check or other barriers; you just get off your first train, figure out which platform your second train is on, and go to it. I don't know Utrecht station, but in many of them, to change platforms you have to go down stairs, through a passage connecting all the platforms, then up stairs to your platform. There are usually video monitors on the platforms and in the passageways, showing departing trains. Make sure you are looking at a departures monitor and not an arrivals monitor (just like at an airport). When looking at a monitor, look for the departure time and train number, not just for "Maastricht" (in case Maastricht is not the last stop).

Do know when your train is arriving in Utrecht. About 5 minutes before, gather your belongings and move toward the exit; you'll see others doing the same. That way, you exit as soon as the train pulls in. If you wait until the train stops to gather your stuff, people will have started getting on while you're still trying to get off, which is like swimming upstream, and is very difficulty with bags.

And if you ever get lost or confused, don't hesitate to ask for help right away. While taking trains is daunting for many who live in North America, for Europeans it's as routine as driving to the mall.

Here's Rick's introductory video about riding the rails in Europe, with other tips:

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Hi Harald. Thank you so much. That is such a helpful reply. I can see the whole thing in my mind's eye before I get there. Many, many thanks!