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Schiphol landing restrictions this summer?

I've read that Amsterdam Schiphol airport is limiting widebody landings in the morning hours. Does anyone know if this is just for the summer season, or is it permanent? KLM says these restrictions could lead to flight delays or cancellations, so I'm concerned about booking KLM flights from the US to Europe in September 2019 that transfer in Schiphol. KLM says they can't give me any details about the restrictions, that I should contact Schiphol.

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This has been in effect since March 31 according to that article. I flew into Schiphol afternoon last Thursday and nothing.
Personally I would not worry about it or use another airport or airline if worried,

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I know, I read the article too. I am asking if the restrictions are for the summer only or are they permanent.

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Hard to know what they mean.

Implementing the change on March 31 and calling it the start of the 'summer season' makes it hard to know what/when they consider the end of the season.

Best suggestion I have is to schedule a flight that is outside the restricted hours