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Schiphol immigration time to book Thalys

hello all -
we are trying to book a thalys train into belgium (onward stations - we will likely switch at antwerp), and noting that we have to book a specific time on the thalys. how long does immigration there take in your experience? we are coming in from the us on a BA connector thru LHR, so fairly certain we will be doing european immigration at Schiphol.
Secondly, if we miss our thalys train, i'm assuming we're out of luck for catching the next one, as they seem to get booked up. is this correct?

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What is your final destination? If you are going just to Belgium you could use the Intercity train operated by Dutch Rail. It is slower than Thalys but the price is fixed and your ticket is good for any train all day.
You can book at

Or just wait til you get to Amsterdam to buy the train ticket since you never know if the flight from London is delayed.

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Main consequence of missing your reserved Thalys is throwing away your advance-bought tickets and getting new ones for the next train at full price.
You should instead indeed take the Intercity service. It's only some 45 minutes slower than the Thalys, but as a unreserved train saves you a lot of worrying in case your flight is somewhat later than planned or the queue at the Immigration desk longer than expected, always offering a secure Plan B at no extra cost.

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thank you for the prompt replies
and, looking now, it's about 60euro cheaper for our crew, which is even better. not that much longer, and we'll just have to deal with the jetlag longer on the train (being sure to set alarms so we wake up for transfer ;)