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Schiphol airport- let's have a little fun with this

Greetings fellow travelers! On our recent summer trip back from Portugal to the US, we connected through AMS. At this time I reacquainted myself as to why I really like this airport (yes I'm a nerd).

We built in enough time on our connecting flight for me to pick up the ever important Stroopwafels. I also picked up Belgium and NL chocolates.

Today, I was aghast to learn there is a cheese shop in the airport. How did I not know this? Arrrgh! This leads me to wonder what other treasures I might be missing?

On our upcoming trip for the holidays (to Barcelona), we will again be transiting through AMS on the way home to the US. We have 3 hours between flights, so even with delays I have a bit of time to do some fun shopping. SOOOOOOOO.....

What do you like to buy at AMS? C'mon, it's time to confess!

I want to get out of my normal box and see if there are other things I should be considering.

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Hi Joe- I have seen the list of the shops. ;o) Is there something in particular you usually pick up when going through AMS? I am trying to get out of my boring ruts to come up with ideas.


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I love the museum gift shop at the airport. I picked up some Vermeer trays for gifts and one for myself in 2019 and I only had 10 min to shop!

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Other than a coffee and food to go, I never buy anything at airports as the prices are usually much higher the high street price and the choice more limited.

You can get stroopwafels in most decent coffee shops in the U.K. You don’t need to go to an airport for them!

At Schiphol, surely diamonds are a girl’s best friend? I didn’t look the last time I was there.

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HUGE amaryllis bulbs….have 2 flowering right now!

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It's a great really is. That said, be careful if you are shopping there. You need to keep an eye on how much time you have to get from gate to gate.
Also, prices there are almost always much higher than anywhere away from the airport. What makes it tempting to shop there are the concentration of so many things in one place, but you will pay for the temptation and convenience.

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Stroopwafles!!!! In between trips I have to settle for Trader Joe's version. As a cookie lover, Stroopwafels are way at the top of my list of favourites although even better warm from a street vendor in Amsterdam..
I am not a chocolate lover/liker so just Stroopwafels for me and my family including grandkids, all love them too.

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The biggest disappointment with this airport is the permanent closure of the Dutch Kitchen restaurant where I was hoping to eat some poffertjes. So upsetting. Otherwise, yes it is a great airport.

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The cheese shop is quite a ways from the Schengen and US flights part of the airport— it takes determination to keep going and then going even farther. It’s pretty small.