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Rotterdam Centraal Station transfer

We are looking into taking trains from Delft to Bruges with a transfer at Rotterdam Centraal. Is 4 -10 minutes ample time to transfer from one train to another? Typically, we walk at average speed particularly with luggage. We definitely aren't fast.
Thanks in advance with any assistance you can offer.

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Just book the Delft to Rotterdam part separately. it is a set price 4.40 euros.
The train Rotterdam to Brugges don't have seat reservations and are also a set price
But make sure not to book any service on Thalys

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If you are worried about it, take the earlier train from Delft so you won't have to stress over it. Is the earlier one 30+ minutes earlier? Obviously you wouldn't want to sit for an hour at Rotterdam station if possible, but an extra 15-20 minutes might make you feel better.

I move fast with my small bags, so I'd be OK with a 10 minute gap. 4 minutes I've done a few times (at other stations) because there were few good choices. I know I transferred at Rotterdam to get to Delft once but don't recall how long the layover was, but I know I wasn't worried about it.

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Rotterdam Centraal is an easy station to handle, but take an earlier train if only for your peace of mind. They run every 15 mins between Delft and Rotterdam, and your train ticket will be valid for any of them.

This doubled with Andrew's response.

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Thanks so much to all of you. Terrific suggestions about booking Delft to Rotterdam separate. That's our new plan.

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As you look at your train schedule it will note the arrival and departure platforms for the connection. It is likely that you step off one train and either wait on the same platform or the adjacent one and get on the next train.

There's nothing wrong with a Thalys if that is what you have booked - they are fast, comfortable, and efficient - but don't get on one by mistake as all seats are reserved and it is a premium service (expensive but good).

As said above, it is easy to take an earlier train from Delft.