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My husband and I will be in Amsterdam in May and would like to experience a traditional rijsttafel (preferably not too touristy and not too expensive). Any suggestions?

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We liked Kantijil and the Tiger. Not too expensive and you can order a la carte if you'd like.

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If you're looking for another suggestion, we loved Restaurant Jun. It was in a quiet, residential area that wasn't touristy at all. It's small neighborhood kind of place and the rijsttafel was excellent.

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We like Kantjil et Tigre also. The traditional rice table is worth doing once, but in my experience it prioritizes quanity over quality. Lots of courses that are bulky and cheap. K&T allows a la carte dining (many tourist oriented restaurants -- and that is all of them that do rice tables -- make it not cost effective to order what you actually want. ) K&T did not penalize a la carte dining. We were able to order half a dozen dishes that we really wanted and leave the cabbagey filler dishes off our personal menu.

We really like Dutch traditional food like stamppot and snert and it is worth finding a place that serves those as well.

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Thank you!! I appreciate the suggestion and will look for the Dutch specialties also...I've never heard of them!!

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We liked Tempo Doelo better than K&T. There were more choices and smaller portions so that many items could be sampled. The staff were great about explaining each item. Neither place is expensive.

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Is it possible to have rijstafel for lunch? I'm having trouble finding a place open during the day in Amsterdam or Haarlem of the recommended rijstafel places.