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Rijstafel (Rice Table) for just one person?

Hi all - Another question. I'm going to be in Amsterdam on my own later this month; first time there. One of the experiences I want to try is the rijstafel (rice table) at one of the Indonesian restaurants. But in researching where to go, I can't find any (!) that will serve it for just one person. The minimum is always two people. Is there anywhere a lone hungry traveler can go in Amsterdam to get rijstafel for one? (And yes, I know it's meant to be a communal experience...can't change my circumstance, though! Maybe there's a restaurant with a communal table where diverse strangers can sit together?)

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So, order for two, doggie bag and feed off the leftovers for a day or two? (Hopefully your accommodation has a fridge you can use).
Where there's a will, there's a way...

I found a restaurant that served it for one, quite by chance a few years ago - it was excellent- and ever since then I’ve tried to remember where it was! I’m aware this is not a helpful reply.

It was a very small modern place.

I was staying at the Banks Mansion Hotel on Herengracht and I think I walked South from there and maybe a block or two to the east. I’m going to try to jog my memory by looking at a map, and get back to you.

EDIT: no, can’t find it. Curses. Sorry.

Maybe your hotel will know if there’s another solo diner in a similar predicament?

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While not in Amsterdam, we ate at Restaurant Blauw in Utrecht last year and they offer rijstafel for any number of people, including one. Very good experience there and depending on the amount of time you have, Utrecht is a worthy day trip. ( May be best to call ahead to verify that is still the case, though.

I am sure there are others in Amsterdam but I have not seen them.

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Recommend restaurant Blauw - they have a location in Amsterdam.
Would recommend going early or getting a reservation which you can do online at their website.
Sama Sebo also offers a rice table.

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I'm not sure if you have plans to visit Haarlem, but Rick writes in his Amsterdam & the Netherlands guidebook that De Lachende Javaan offers "memorable rijsttafel that can be ordered for single diners."

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Hello! I am in Amsterdam now and went to Kantjil and De Tiger (listed in RS's Amsterdam book). My husband and I got the whole experience (min 2 people) but they do have a la carte (so you can get a bunch of dishes per your tasting and amount) or a sampler platter for 1 (meats or vegetarian). You should make reservations on their website a day or 2 ahead. They are busy!!