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Rijksmuseum, Van Gohg , Anne Frank Museums questions

We will be in Amsterdam the first week of June for 3 full days (5 total) and I'm trying to decide if I should visit Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum on the same day since they are in the same area or visit one each day.

My original plan was to visit Rijksmuseum in the morning the first day, then go to Ann Frans's house later that day since I already bought the Ann Frank's ticket for 4:00 pm on my first full day. Then the next day I was going to go early to Van Gogh museum, but now that I see the map, it probably makes sense to do both the second day?

I going to just buy the Rijksmuseum ticket online and wait until got there to decide, but now I see they have the
All Rembrandt exhibition that requires set up a time for the visit.
So My options are:
Day 1: Rijksmuseum + Ann Franks house
Day2: Van Gogh and other activities

or Day 1: morning activities + Ann Frank
Day 2: Van Gogh + Rijksmuseum

Which sound a better plan?
Note: I decided to only go to these three museums for sure and that is why I'm buying the tickets individually instead of any of the cards. If we decide to go to other museums we want to decide there depending on our energy.

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Amsterdam is quite small (assuming you dont have mobility issues) You can easily walk from the Rijks to the Anne Frank huis, and in fact see a lot along the way. And then return to the Van Gogh the next morning. In my experience, I criss-cross the city a lot while there. Especially with the time you have (sufficient to visit the same area twice). Another option, of course, is to rent bikes, and then you can really get around easily and see a lot, but it is a bit hectic biking there so if you aren't comfortable on a bike, you wouldn't enjoy that

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As Jessica said, Amsterdam isn't a big city, so you'll be fine either way. I'd do Option 1 to avoid museum fatigue, since option 2 has you doing two museums in one day.

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I recently did the RijksMuseum (guided tour on a Rick Steves tour - so about 2.5 hours) + the All the Rembrandts + the Van Gogh museum in one day and it was too much for me. I'd do the Van Gogh museum on the Anne Frank day and then do the Rijks and All the Rembrandts on another day with an outisde-ish activity in the afternoon.

By the way, the All the Rembrandts is actually ALL of them the museum owns except for the big Night Watch painting which is still displayed in it's special gallery. It is a fabulous collection!

I do suggest you download the free Rijks app ahead of time and you can purchase your ticket thru that so you've got it on your phone. I had the All the Rembrandt's ticket printed out ahead (it is free, you just need a timed entry). Make sure you've got your earbuds with you to listen to the audio on the app.

The Rijksmuseum ticket is good all day so you can enter and leave until 5PM.

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Thanks for your feedback. I decided to split the museums in two days. I got my tickets for Van Gogh the first morning, then go to Ann Frank's house in the afternoon. Next day the Rijksmuseum and other activities for the rest of the day.
Third day if I'm finished seeing Amsterdam I might consider day trip to Harlem or any orher beautiful city.

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I think you'll be happy with that split!

And yes, good to get into the Van Gogh early. I also suggest you start on the 3rd floor of the Van Gogh Museum and work your way down. Most of the really good stuff is up there so you can see it first before you start to tire. This does mess up the museum's time-line but I wished I had done it this way. There may still be the David Hockney exhibit there when you visit. It's on the lower floor level. I had run out of steam by the time I got back down there before taking the escalators back up to the exit so didn't see it. I've seen reviews that it is really good.

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I just got back from there and visited all three. You made the best decision with your plan. Have fun and don't look back!