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Rijksmuseum question

Does anyone know if it's possible to leave and re-enter the museum on the same day without getting a second ticket?

Also, if we have Vermeer tickets for an evening slot, can we visit the museum at another time with those tickets, or do we need to just suck it up and buy another set of tickets? I'm thinking we have to buy more tickets, based on the info on the website, but it would be really nice if we didn't have to. Our entry time is 17:15, and the main collection closes at 17:00.

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I am not sure that am clear. With what you are writing. Vermeer tickets and museum tickets are separate entities.

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I believe I have read on the Rijksmuseum site that you must visit the Vermeer first and then the rest of the permanent collection and if the permanent collection is closed then no further visit. I’m traveling right now and I don’t see where I read that right now (it figures, doesn’t it?!).

TBH, I had very little oomph left for the permanent collection after the Vermeer. I’ve been to the Rijks several times, know my way around sort of and after I got up to the Night Watch area and went to see the Avercamps my mind was still literally flipping thru the Vermeers…it was that good an exhibition.

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Let me clarify a little - we have Vermeer tickets with an entry time of 17:15. So, the permanent collection will be closed at the time of our Vermeer visit. If you have a Vermeer ticket with an entry time while the main collection is open, you can continue on to view the rest of the collection. The Rijksmuseum website (and the handy video about visiting the Vermeer exhibit) IMPLY that you're SOL on the main collection if you have an evening Vermeer entry, but don't explicitly say one way or the other whether or not you can visit the main collection first if you have an evening entry. I'm just trying to get some clarification on that point. If we have to buy another set of tickets earlier in the day to see the main collection, we will. I'd just hate to pay more than is actually necessary.

So, that's the first question (well, second on the original post, but you get the idea)

The other question is, independent of whether or not you go to the Vermeer exhibit, can you leave & re-enter the museum. So, for example, if you visited in the morning and wanted to leave to get lunch, could you come back in?

I'm traveling with my mother, and we're absolute museum junkies. We're going to be in Amsterdam for 3 full days, and are planning to visit the Verszetsmuseum the first day, Van Gogh the second, and Rijksmuseum the third. When we went to Rome in 2021, we spent 5+ hours at the Vatican Museums, and might have stayed longer if they weren't closing (and if I wasn't fuming about the poor curation and preservation efforts). We like to do "long weekend" trips to Europe, either Th-M or F-M, and go really hard while we're there

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You could easily spend a pile of time at the Verszetsmuseum—more so than you might imagine. Particularly if you are museum junkies read everything about all the individuals. Fascinating place.

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The FAQ for the Vermeer exhibit says

I have a ticket for Vermeer (later in the day/evening) when can I go
to the other galleries? You can only visit the other galleries in the
Rijksmuseum after visiting the Vermeer exhibition. The rooms are open
until 5 pm.

So I think you are out of luck visiting before hand, but to be sure you could call or email your question to or +31-0800-1304. I'm pretty sure you can't reenter on the same day, but you could also ask them that question.

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just for future, since your Vermeer question sounds like you need new tickets--i have left the museum for lunch elsewhere and reentered. Be sure to keep your ticket at hand not only for the other building, but using the restroom on the ground floor- there are two entrances and it's possible they will ask to see your ticket, has happened to me.