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Rijksmuseum last entry time

I know the Rijksmuseum hours are from 9:00 to 17:00. I thought I read somewhere the last admittance is 4:30 (16:30) We were hoping to go later in the afternoon and wonder if everyone has to leave by 17:00 (5:00). Surely if you can enter at 16:30 they can't expect you to leave at 17:00??

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My experience in other museums is that the museum guards start to chivvy you out at least 15 minutes before closing and then the museum is actually closed at the time they say. So, yes, they can expect you to leave rather quickly if you get there at 430. I'd think the only people that time would work for would be some kind of season pass-holder who just wanted to pop in to see one thing AND knew the way to it!

The website says it is less crowded after 3PM.

DO download the Rijksmuseum app. It is excellent. I purchased my ticket thru the app the morning I visited (you have a year from date of purchase) and could just show my phone at the entrance. WIFI was very good in the museum.

BTW this is a big slightly confusing museum. You'll need more than an hour even with a focused visit to see only the painters that are of interest to you.

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I think Pam is correct, they will expect you out by 5 pm (if that is there posted closing time) and will start flushing you toward the exits about 4:45.
Go earlier or skip this museum.
It's odd that there last admittance is 4:30 if they close at 5:00. No one could see much with a half hour or less, as it's an enormous museum.
The Dutch are good with English, if you emailed the museum you might just get a clear explanation, in good English, of their policy.
We were at this museum in Sept 2018 and it's a very large collection, I have the feeling that 2 hours or 1 and 1/2 hours would be the minimum worthwhile visit.

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Do you really like the Dutch masters? I ask because the Rijks has been one of our least favorite museums in Europe. I know RS loves it, but to us, it was a lot of dark paintings of prim people, and a bunch of Blue Willow-type pottery. We liked the Van Gogh museum much better.

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I know RS loves it

....also a good portion of the two million people who visit each year. It's also more than just paintings, the collection also includes thousands of pieces jewellery, china, fashion, models, and armaments. All beautifully displayed and perfectly lit.

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I'm with Kelly--the Rijks was my least favorite, not at all my favorite era of art but a few of them were quite compelling--after that it felt like the same people in painting after painting. I did, however, especially enjoy seeing the fabulously detailed doll's house cabinet that belonged to Petronella Oortman and was the basis for the novel The Miniaturist. And, as Michael points out, there are plenty of other intriguing items to see. I visited on a weekday in April and arrived around 2:30, left by 4:30--it was less crowded but still plenty of people. Definitely worth a visit but I would allow yourself a couple of hours at the least, more if this art is your cup of tea.