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riijataffel for one or two

I will be in Amsterdam next year (August 2022) to take a cruise.

It is just me and I would love to try riijataffel. Is there a casual restaurant that serves riijataffel for just one or maybe two?

Are you allowed to take leftovers back to your hotel?

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My husband and I had Rijsttafel in Amsterdam at Puri Mas (Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 37-41). We recommended it to my son and his wife who also enjoyed it. I can't recall if you can order for just one, but our order was for the two of us. It wasn't like a buffet. They brought a set amount of food for the two of us. My guess, and only a guess, is that you could take it with, otherwise it would just be tossed.

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We had an enjoyable meal ar Kantjil & De Tijger. They serve smaller combinations, or even a la carte.

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It has been some years since I've had the opportunity to indulge in Rijsttafel which I used to do in Haarlem with family friends.

My recommendation would be far too out of date to be helpful. Sorry.

By the way the correct spelling is Rijsttafel. Literally rice table. And with all the little plates and bowls of so many different bits and pieces they aren't kidding. It takes a strong table to hold it all...

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Thanks for the correct spelling of Rijsttafel. I copied it. Previously I had copied an incorrect spelling which i was pasting.
I won't be in Amsterdam for another 13 months so I will probably be posting a similar question in about 11 months.
I was in Amsterdam in the 1960's and had Rijsttafel then but I was traveling with a friend. Now I am solo and a whole lot older.
Thanks for the tips. I have also done some other research and have found more than one place that serves Rijsttafel for two. I do not think that I will find it served for one. So I guess I will be eating some at the restaurant and taking some back to the hotel with me for later and the next day. I love leftovers.

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If you look hard enough, you will find a restaurant that will offer rijataffel for one. I would just call ahead of time. We enjoyed Bayu Food and Art near the Jordaan neighborhood (Haarlemmerdijk 135C, 1013 KG Amsterdam, Netherlands). Really small, quirky place that serves mostly locals. Their seating is limited but you can just pick and choose from their deli counter for take away if you can’t get a table.

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We enjoyed dinner in Amsterdam at Srikandi in September 2019. Our B&B host recommended the restaurant and it was a 10 min walk. We were staying in Museumwartier. We ordered a combination plate, which was ample & delicious.

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I hope you are able to find a Rijstaffle for one. It is a wonderful, delicious experience, warning that some of it was spicy.