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Requirements for Registering Museumkaart

This has been a very helpful forum to read as I have prepared for our trip this summer - thank you to all the knowledgeable and helpful posters.

I understand the recent changes to the Museumkaart. We will be staying in the Netherlands for a month and will have a Dutch address, so I still think it would be worth it to us to purchase and use Museumkaart as long as we can register it right after arriving to be able to go above the 5 museum limit.

I have read the numerous threads but have not seen a concrete answer on whether or not you need to have a Dutch bank account/IDEAL to register Museumkaart. That would definitely be a deal breaker for us. Does anyone know?

Also, does anyone know if these same changes affect the Museumkaart for children? We will have four kids with us, ages 8 - 14.

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If the card is sent to an address in The Netherlands there is no extra charge. In that case you wont need a Dutch bank account. But you do need to register using the Dutch registration form.

The childrens cards will need registration as well

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Thank you very much for the swift reply.

I have looked at the Dutch registration site - it mentions the need for separate email addresses for each card. Do you happen to know if this requirement also applies to cards for children? They do not all have email addresses.

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There is now a page for registration for people "Not living in the Netherlands" - it is even called that in English whereas the site is generally still just in Dutch:

It appears (although I haven't done it) you can now pay from any bank account quoting your IBAN and BIC - not much help maybe to North Americans, but good for many other countries.

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it mentions the need for separate email addresses for each card. Do you happen to know if this requirement also applies to cards for children? They do not all have email addresses.

1) register the first card with an email address
2) activate "Mijn Museumkaart" account
3) add the other museumcards into that account

(sorry all of these steps will be in Dutch)

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Thank you for the detailed instructions. Google Translate will help me navigate the Dutch pages! :)

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Since the US and Canada don't have IBAN (International Bank Account Numbers), is it possible to register for a permanent Museumkaart, even if they have a Dutch address? Would they do this in person at a sight issuing the card?

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The IBAN on the jnternational registration form is only for the extra fee to send the card to a non-Dutch address (but within the EU). If the card is sent to a Dutch address there is no extra fee and thus no need for an IBAN.

You can buy the temporary card at any
museum. So for that you dont need an IBAN either.

Registration is never in person as the photo cards are sent by the Museumkaart organisation, not by the individual museums.

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I don't know what this question is all about. My wife and I purchased Museumkaart Passes at the New Church which is right next to the Royal Palace. What we bought was a temporary card good for 31 days. If you register the card online, it becomes good for a year. Unless you plan on multiple trips in a year, this doesn't make much sense.

We found this pass to be a great value. We used it all over The Netherlands on a 2 week visit.

If temporary passes are not sold at the places that take them, it will be a total hassle which may be the objective. There's a pretty strong anti-tourist movement developing in Amsterdam.

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I don't know what this question is all about
The Museumkaart has recently changed its rules: the temporary card is only good for 5 visits. For visiting more museums with your card you need it to be registered and followed up by a personalised card.

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Nowadays it is possible to register online with a non-Dutch address:

However, there are two major restrictions. There is an extra shipping fee which can only be paid using SEPA direct debit (the IBAN/BIC questions in the form) and they will only ship within the EU, not to other countries. That means that registrering with a US address and a US bank account is not possible.

Registration with a foreign address is only usefull when you plan to visit NL a second time within a year as the new unlimited photo pass is sent to that address. The temporary card does not become unlimited after registration.

The temporary pass (which can be bought at a museum) becomes invalid:
- after 5 museum visits
- 30 days after purchase
- 5 days after registering

If you plan to stay longer in NL than 5 days, you could register with your Dutch holiday address using the Dutch form (without extra fees).