Rental Car Pickup in Amsterdam

Hi -
I really appreciate all the great help we have received from these forums.

Can you help with the best location to pick up a rental car in Amsterdam? We are looking at a site near the Van Gogh Museum or WestPark. We are 4 people staying in the Jordaan area, and thinking to take easy public transport to a car rental site. Any advice?



Posted by Andre L.
Tilburg, Netherlands
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Both locations can work, you can use trams to get to either area.

Westpark has easier access to the nearest highway entrance.

Posted by Bill
Springport, MI, United States
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Hi David and Andre,

I appreciate your help - David, our plan is to get the car and immediately head out of town after 3 days in Amsterdam. Therefore, we are glad to get Andre's thought that Westpark would be closer to a major highway out of town.
Again, many thanks,