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Reentry to the US from Amsterdam.

We leave on a Viking boat cruise in two weeks. The trip ends in Amsterdam and we’re extending our stay there for a few days. I understand in order to get back in the US we must produce a negative COVID test within, I think, 72 hours prior to departure.

Where can I get a COVID test in Amsterdam and have the results back in time?

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The actual requirement is three days not 72 hours. So for example you’re flying home on Friday that means you can get an exam anytime Thursday Wednesday or Tuesday.

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If you arrive early at the AMS airport, you can get an antigen test in the airport. See this link:

My wife flew back to the states a couple of weeks ago and as she was checking in at her US-bound flight, a passenger next to her had NO TEST. He was directed to the test2fly station and I later saw him heading BACK to the check-in counter - with a negative test doc in his hand - as I was heading for the parking lot. Thus, if you can't get a test conveniently elsewhere, you can get one at the Schiphol airport.

NOTE: There are apparently some restrictions on the "free test" option:

Holidaymakers will be able to make use of the free test by asking for
test compensation via a travel company or booking a test by a company
contracted by the Government, reports.

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Thanks for that great information and website link. I was a bit confused as they call it a “rapid test” and I wanted to make sure it’s the same type of test the US requires for reentry. It looks like it is….? Or your wife would not have made it home.

Thank you again!

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I am schedule for a Viking Rhine cruise early September. We will be flying into Amsterdam a couple of days prior to the cruise. Did your cruise go as scheduled? How did Viking handle Covid testing?
Any issues with the water levels?